Sustainable Agriculture

  1. we encourage the farmers to use the locally available resources for food production. These skills trained are economically viable, environmentally friendly, and culturally acceptable and socially just for sustainable development. CIFORD trains women and larger community
  2. Improved agricultural skills which can use the locally available resources and minimal water for kitchen gardening.
  3. Environmental conservation and protection. The community members are trained on the environmental conservation through the tree nursery establishment, energy efficient stove use, tree planting
  4. Water harvesting and conservation: communities are trained on the rain water harvesting and conservation and a subsidy of the water tanks to support the beneficiaries’ family own water tanks. This water is used for the domestic chores, and kitchen gardening.

Community capacity building

This is aimed at enabling the community realize their full potential and be able to voice and deal with issues which are anti- developmental in the society.

  1. Women empowerment forums Women are taken through the leadership, social economic and family life. They are able to understand leadership strengths and strategies to take up leadership positions in the society. The social economic forums and family life have changed the women way of life and improved their source of food and income. The forums also have helped families to improve and this has left better families.
  2. Girl’s empowerment seminars through the partnership with like-minded partners CIFORD has had seminars on women empowerment forums and Alternative rite of passage to Female Genital mutilation. Many girls have been rescued from the female circumcision through these seminars and the girls are in school, they look forward to being strong women in the society. The seminars always take six days and parents and relatives join the girls during the last day of the seminar. This has had a lot of impact on the lives of girls which has left more community request for similar seminars. This has been done in Tigania West and East

Community Health

The community health is aimed at training the women and their families the basic hygiene and nutrition, Sexual reproductive health and rights for youth in school and out of school. CIFORD works with the people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS and has been supporting people living with HIV/AIDS to be in support groups and work for improved families. The guardians are trained on kitchen gardening and table banking to enable support the children they are caring for