Empowering Women, Changing Lives: Catherine’s Journey with CIFORD Kenya

                        Catherine Muketha- Makena Thinyaine Women group.

CIFORD Kenya through its continued support and training of women continues to impact positively of the lives of Women. Catherine Mutheka is a trained teacher and a member of Makena Thinyaine self-help group. Catherine finds time out of her busy schedule to implement the trainings and skills she has gotten through training through her group.

“Since I receive this water tank as a member of Makena Thinyaine women group life has been so simple since I had pipped water but I didn’t have storage. Water used to run in when I am away and it all get wasted. I am now able to store water and grow my food staff with little effort on water storage. I would like to thank CIFORD Kenya for their tireless support on rural women” Catherine told CIFORD Staff when they made a visit to her home.

With continued support and trainings we can reach more women like Catherine and continue impacting on the lives of Rural women in MERU, kenya.

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