Severina Mukoiti’s Inspiring Journey: Cultivating Prosperity Through Organic Farming

In the arid lands of Luuma village, Muthara ward, Severina Mukoiti, a resilient farmer, found herself struggling to provide enough food for her family due to erratic rainfall and dry conditions. However, her life took a remarkable turn when she became a member of the Kauria women group and discovered the transformative power of organic farming, thanks to the guidance and support of CIFORD Kenya.

Severina vividly recalls the days when the dry season left her feeling helpless, with nothing to cultivate in her barren fields. But after embracing the valuable lessons imparted by CIFORD Kenya, she embarked on a journey of empowerment that has brought about a profound change in her life and that of her family.

No longer does Severina find herself idling away the hours during the day; instead, she toils tirelessly in her thriving agroforestry farm. Even during the harshest dry spells, she perseveres, diligently fetching water to nurture her crops. Through the implementation of organic farming techniques, she has witnessed a bountiful transformation unfold before her eyes.

during the dry season I had nothing to do, as there was nothing we could do in the farm, when I implemented the lessons learnt from CIFORD Kenya, I don’t sleep during the day time, I work in my agroforestry farm, and during dry season I fetch water to water my crops. I have vegetables and fruits to feed my family and the rest I sell to my neighbors

Severina said

Severina’s determination and hard work have paid off, turning her once barren land into a thriving oasis. With CIFORD Kenya’s unwavering support, Severina has not only improved her family’s livelihood but has also become a beacon of hope for her community.

Her inspiring journey showcases the incredible impact that empowering women in agriculture can have. Through sustainable practices and guidance from CIFORD Kenya, Severina has not only transformed her own life but has also fostered a more resilient and prosperous future for all.

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