From the young mothers Programme to the Top beautician in Town

Eva Kamathi Is one of the first group of young mothers who attended the training on the Hair dressing and beauty. Eva is a mother of a girl and she dropped out of school in form two.  When Eva joined the group she was so stressed and withdrawn. She was not talking to her friends and even family. When she came for the training, her self-esteem started building and was able to expose her talent.

My Visit to Maua Town. Today, I visited Maua town and I met with a friend who congratulated CIFORD for the work we are doing She sighted that she has her beautician ( Manicure and pedicure) who was trained at CIFORD and she is super and many renowned women in town. I was so impressed and I requested her to take me to visit Eva.

Eva is so grateful for the training and mentorship at CIFORD KENYA which has helped her to build her self esteem and has made her own mother proud. She is employed in a Barber shop/salon and the employer is so proud of her. Eva shared that she hopes to save money and start her own barber shop/ salon as there is a great opportunity. She shared that to have a good salon with proper equipment will need good money.

“I am so proud to have met CIFORD for changing her life, if it was not for CIFORD I would be a different person. Thank you CIFORD and your supporters” Eva told me.

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