Sanitary Pads for Christmas

Since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Kenya in March 2020 , Kenya has been confronting rather unusual enemy, a pandemic that has brought many aspects of life to a near standstill. The government has been on the race against time and resources to curb the spread of Corona Virus but in the process another crisis has been building up, Teenage pregnancies. With many schools closed and most of the young girls at home, cases of teenage mothers have increased tremendously.

Over 7000 teenage girls in Meru county will not go back to school when they open in January because they are either pregnant or they have delivered kids. Every teenage mother has her own story, but unfortunately in this case the stories seem to be narrated the same way. With negative Economic impact that came along with COVID 19 pandemic, the parents and/or guardians can provide only basic needs which are not on daily basis. It’s unfortunate that many parents find Sanitary towels not a need as compared to daily food for the family.

Many girls from vulnerable families especially those staying with their grandmothers been lured by older men and Motorcycle riders to offer sex in exchange for sanitary pads, inner wears and in some cases food.

You can e a part of a great cause of giving back to those who are less fortunate and are in need of a Menstrual Pack this Christmas and back to school. For only $12 you can support a girl with Menstrual pack of Sanitary pads and inner wears for 6 months. Your support will go a far in building the self esteem of the girls. To support a girl during this festive season

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