Young mothers supports in the fight of COVID 19

When a girl drops out of school due to Pregnancy, most parents give up on the girls, and some parents/ guardians send the girls away from home with the kids. Some of these girls have been depressed as they have no source of income and food for their infants. With the increase in the number of teenage mothers in the society, CIFORD came up with strategies to reduce adolescent pregnancies and also rehabilitate young mothers by taking then through life skills courses like tailoring, hairdressing, and beadwork.

Over 100 young mothers have been trained and graduated from the center, most of them have already been employed, and others have started their small tailoring and dressmaking business.

With Emergence of COVID19, these young mothers have chosen to come back and give back to the community by joining CIFORDs effort to fight COVID-19 in the rural community by helping to make masks for the communities to protect them from the virus.

With the skills attained from CIFORD Kenya, these girls have been making 100-150 masks per day which are distributed to the vulnerable group of people in the community like motorbike riders and women in the market places.

Salome Kajuju a young mother from Thinyaine said” What else can we do to give back to the community through CIFORD other than helping in making of face masks to protect them. These tailoring skills we got free of charge from CIFORD and that is the only way to pay now.” 

Vivian Mwendwa is one of the tailoring beneficiaries and is an total orphan. When she gave birth to her daughter she was sent away by her uncle and after one year, her young siblings were sent away to join the sister. Today, Vivian stays in a rented room with her sisters and daughter

“I am so happy to be among the change makers in our society, I thought my life was over and I had no hope until I joined CIFORD who brought back to me and today, I can feed my daughter and my sisters the much I can.” Vivians radiant smile was evident that the course touched her. “ I don’t know where we could be with my sisters. I appreciate the training and that is why I am committed to support this initiative,”
Vivian, Nkatha and Juliet showing the number of masks ready.
Nkatha said” This disease has made life difficulty and the economy gone down. Most people in this community cannot afford face mask and are wearing all sorts of materials to protect themselves” “Making these masks and giving for free will help many who can not afford a mask of 50/- shillings”