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Door to door education to our members on COVID 19 and measures to prevent it

April 10, 2020

Supply of Soap

CIFORD Kenya was proposed to be in the Sub County Taskforce Committee for the COVID 19. This gave
has the permission to go out to the community and educate them on the Corona Virus how its
transmitted, avoid and also the symptons. We have been passing this information and with the poverty
levels in the community CIFORD had home made disinfectants and has been distributing to the
community. The families have been trained on the need to have running water when they are washing
their hand. This has seen many families improvise the hand washing water dispenser to have running
water at home. During the visits the families are trained on how to wash their hands.
Below is the pictorial story for CIFORD field visit during this season of CORONA virus.

Atumbi with her grand children were excited to receive the disinfectant. “ We can not afford to be
buying this every time. We are grateful for bring it to us.”
Joseph Mungania with his wife receive the disinfectant and have set a water dispenser for the use at
hiome, He was quick to say “ With your support we are going to continue being cautious and will be
washing our hands always” ‘ Corona virus is defeated and we will made sure to has to stop”. Thank you
for educating us.

We believe with together we can be able to support these families with the disinfectant and facilitate to
go to far off villages.


Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope

Julia Kauria is a member of Kailakai Self help group in Kianjai ward, She is a beneficiary of CIFORD training program which is aimed at sustainable agriculture for food security. Julia has a garden and the joy in a whole family can be expressed in their faces.



Ann Mwari, a proud mother of six in her late 30s from Cheranga Village, Tigania West Constituency in Meru County. She is a member of Cheranga women self-help group. Her commitment, dedication and passion to unleash her potential through their group is quiet promising. Her journey started 2 years ago when she made a bold move to join colleague women in order to work together by bettering one another.