June 1, 2019

Business is a sector mostly dominated by tycoons, no one can start and run a business if he/she is not financially stable. Well, that is the belief most people have, but not until you will meet Eunice Nyeera a mother and a woman who believed in herself and regardless of the fact that she is not rich but her passion for business developed when she joined the Riverside self-help group.

Riverside women group do saving where every group member gives a weekly saving of Ksh 20, the amount is deposited in group account in a bank as saving after a gross period of one year a group member is eligible to take a loan from the bank in the name of the group.  ‘I didn’t know that Ksh 20 could do anything until I joined the group and started saving that Ksh 20 everyday, after one year I was eligible to get a loan which I took and bought some stocks for business. I never started by purchasing high priced stocks but the available goods at the community level especially from my group members such as beans and maize grains. It has been a nice ordeal and with the training we get from CIFORD staff, I can say I can now provide daily meals for my family comfortably’

Eunice at her home.

Eunice at her kiosk shop where she sell all kind of staff needed by the surrounding community members.

Despite the area where Eunice come from being dry,this is where her story began,through the training she got from CIFORD staff on kitchen gardening and management of small scale farming. From this farm Eunice   has been growing vegetables which is has been using at her home and selling surplus to neighbours. This has enabled her to get money for her merry go round and savings at the group. Eunice does not need to buy food for her family as she can get from her garden.

Eunice believes she will be able to support her family and step by step move out of poverty with the continued empowerment.




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