9.00-5.00 pm

Youth in school Mentorship.

March 15, 2019

The future of very community depends on its youth. The young people should be empowered,
mentored and trained to be responsible citizen in the society. CIFORD Kenya has seen the need to work with the youth in school and out of school . This is due to the various challenges facing the youth in the community. In Kenya today, young people have indulged in various social immoral and they have left a vacuum in the generation. The young people are indulging in alcohol, drug and substance abuse , immorality . This has left many dropping out of school in an earlyage. On 14th March CIFORD team hit the road to K.K. Lumbi secondary school where they were welcomed by the Principal and Head boy. A total of 238 students were in attendance

CIFORD is partnering with schools on youth in school mentorship where we have focused on creating clubs which will be the focal points. These youth are to be in three clubs which will be Organic Ambassadors , Mentors club, future medics club. These will be reached and they will be empowered to reach the other school mates and youth in the community as they reach other schools.

238 students have participated in the mentorship program and they have requested CFORD to continue
with the programme. CIFORD continues to reach and impact positive to the lives of the people. This happens through your support and we look forward to a continued partnership.


Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope

Julia Kauria is a member of Kailakai Self help group in Kianjai ward, She is a beneficiary of CIFORD training program which is aimed at sustainable agriculture for food security. Julia has a garden and the joy in a whole family can be expressed in their faces.



Ann Mwari, a proud mother of six in her late 30s from Cheranga Village, Tigania West Constituency in Meru County. She is a member of Cheranga women self-help group. Her commitment, dedication and passion to unleash her potential through their group is quiet promising. Her journey started 2 years ago when she made a bold move to join colleague women in order to work together by bettering one another.