What a man can do, an empowered woman can do better regardelesss of age………..

March 12, 2019

Meet Teresa Mwonjaru, a 63 years old woman from Thinyaine, Meru County. A single mother and a granny to 2 young boys and a girl who she was left with after losing her daughter. Teresa was living in a very stressful dark days until when she decided to join Makenaa Thinyaine women group after being advised by a friend .She was then able to save and get advice from the group members.

Though old Teresa is not short of ideas, after realizing that the area had no barber shop she decided to venture into this ordeal which is mostly men dominated since most men prefer to be shaved by fellow men.

But how is Teresa doing well in a men dominated field? ,this is what she had to say ‘everything we do in life is not about gender but it is about passion and whatever push us to do it.With all the empowerment training the group and I have received from CIFORD, we believe that both  the genders are equal though the community perceive female as the weaker gender’

Teresa is the only person owning a barber shop in the Thinyaine Area, with only one shaving machine hoping for additions God willing with either support from outside she is doing well since all the school going pupils finds a closer place to do the cuts. She promotes hygiene and tidiness alongside women empowerment in the long run and that is our pride as CIFORD Kenya.




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