Young Mothers Empowerment

February 22, 2019

In Kenya, in the recent past the issue of teenage pregnancy has been highlighted and it’s alarming. In Meru, the teenage pregnancy stands at 20%.  CIFORD Kenya has focused on the issue of teenage pregnancy where we have a program on supporting the teenage mothers through the support groups.

Lilian Kagwiria was so stressed when she gave birth to her child. This is because she had dropped out school in form one. She never went to visit friends and any time they came visiting she would hide. The world had come to an end for her. ‘ When I attended CIFORD meeting for young mothers, my life changed as I realized I was not the only one who had a child in my age. I have agreed to pick up my broken pieces and start a new life.” Lilian said

CIFORD Kenya has a program where we have mobilized the teenage mothers into support groups and have been going through the trainings. Some of the trainings which are being given to the teenage mothers are


    For personal and child care

    1. Ante and post natal care
    2. Sexual and Reproductive health
    3. Child care and nutrition

    A section of training on hair dressing and beauty

    For income generation

    1. Tailoring and dress making
    2. Beauty and hairdressing
    3. Bead work

    A section of tailoring and dress making class.


    CIFORD Kenya continues receiving more requests from these young girls who are in distress. Most of the girls get children when they are not prepared, Their parents are very hostile and some of them are thrown out of family houses. These girls have no hope as the fathers of the children leave them. This has left these girls desperate and some end up getting into depression.

    CIFORD Kenya will continue to support these young mothers and engage the parents to support them.

    Our trainings will continue to empower these girls economically and in issues of health.

    CIFORD Kenya wish to request for support from friends and well wishers to continue supporting these young mothers both in training and establishment of the small business for these young girls.

    a Community Based Organization operating in 5 Sub-Counties namely; Tigania East, Tigania West, Igembe North, Igembe Central and Igembe South of Meru County, Republic of Kenya.


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