April 5, 2018

A widow, a mother and a grandmother at the same time. Her son’s marriage collapsed, and the daughter-in-law left; leaving behind a son (below), the burden to provide for the family befell her. With just as small piece of land left behind by her late husband, she couldn’t produce enough due to arid condition of the region since most of the crops dried because of low rainfall.

When together with other women from Thinyaine sat down to form Makena Thinyaine women group, her hope rose since CIFORD chipped in and taught them on farming in drylands with minimum land to ensure maximum production, more relief came when CIFORD Kenya provided them with seeds of Pigeon peas, a perennial legume crop which is drought resistant with nutritional value per 100g 7.2g protein and 23.88g carbohydrate. “we produce enough to eat every month whether it is dry and even to take to the market, so we no longer worry about drought” her Son Charles told CIFORD. “initially the seeds were expensive, and we could not afford to plant the crop but with CIFORD providing us with the seeds and training, it’s now easy, thank you CIFORD ” he added. The son helps her in the farm due to old age.

With more support CIFORD can reach women like Mary and save improve their living status. Your support leaves a smile on a face. 
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement 




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