Alternative rite of passage success stories

February 22, 2018

Maureen Kauria

  • Maureen Kauria is a class 7 pupil at Lailuba primary school. She was one of the the 92 girls who attended the |CIFORD Kenya Alternative rite of passage seminar for girls in December 2017. Maureen was so excited after the seminar and she had to share her experience with us. She said that this initiative was a great initiative which will improve the lives of women and girls in the community. She told us.“ I will make sure that I share the many things we have learned with my friends when we go back to school. We will make sure that we educate the community on the dangers of FGM and educating girls. “ My grandmother keeps teasing me that I am not circumcised but today I come out a grown woman as I have gone all through what they were going through. She will never tease me again.

Doreen Kendi

  • I am a proud graduate who has been fully circumcised and I don’t need the physical cut. Doreen Kendi shares with us during the graduation of girls ARP. She is so proud and told us that she understands where to get the rescue if anybody wants her circumcised. Doreen says she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Doreen is in class 6 at lubuathirua primary school.

Juliet Mukiri

  • I have grown all my life knowing that female circumcision is vital in our lives all through. I had never been told that there are people who are not circumcised and the dangers of FGM. Today I leave CIFORD a changed person who will change the community. Juliet Mukiri from maburwa Primary school said that in a community over 90% of girls go through the female Circumcision and it’s the high time I change that Thank you CIFORD and your partners for supporting me attend this seminar.

Lucy mwonjaru 

  • I can fly to the highest height. Lucy mwonjaru from Mweromuthanga primary school said. We have been living in myths which are not true. I believe that we have been set as the light of our village and we believe we will be the change.  I request CIFORD to hold more seminars of this kind to help reach more girls and stop female circumcision in our villages. Thank you CIFORD




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