Post Harvest Management

February 17, 2018


Maize is essential food in Kenya hence most cultivated by most farmers. According to journal research volume 57, April 2014 there is a lot of post-harvest losses due to poor harvesting methods, transportation, drying, storage and marketing. There also diseases associated with poor drying and storage such as aflatoxicosis.

Most of the farmers don’t know about post-harvest management leading to loss during harvesting and storange.This made CIFORD-KENYA conduct one-day seminar


On Tuesday 13th February 2018 CIFORD-KENYA conducted a one-day seminar at  CIFORD Kenya training hall.40 women from 20 group participated and they were taught on land preparation, post-harvest management and consequences of poor post-harvest management. They were also taught on environmental conservation and each one of them was given an energy saving stoves (jiko) to install in their homestead.

The facilitator started the training at 10:00 AM and farmers were taught on post-harvest management such as proper methods of harvesting, transportation, drying storage and marketing.

The second facilitator started the second session at noon handling land preparation which involved different techniques e.g., sunken bed, multistory, raised bed, double dug among others.

The third facilitator handled on post-harvest diseases of crops affecting human being such as cancer, diabetes among others.

CEO-CIFORD KENYA ended up the seminar by summarizing on topic taught and added on environmental conservation. This was to educate women on the importance of energy saving stoves (jikos) which consumes less firewood as compared to the traditional three stoned Jikos. The jiko is environmentally friendly and can cook many meals with less firewood.


  • Farmers were able to learn and understand on factors contributing to lifestyle diseases  such as cancer due to poor crop husbandry
  • Provision of  energy saving stoves  (jIkos) to farmers which reduce cutting down of trees and provide the farmers with alternative Jikos
  •  Farmers were taught on post-harvest management to reduce loss during harvesting

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on the event

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    ciford doing good work to community .keep up


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