October 1, 2017


In June 1999, the Ministry of Health prepared a National Plan of Action for Elimination of FGM/FGC. Contained in the Plan were the results of 1998 demographic and Health survey of 7,881 women nationally that showed 37.6 percent of Kenyan women had been subjected to one of these procedures.The study indicated that 38 percent of Kenyan women between the ages of 15 and 19 over half of women above the age of 35 had been subjected to one of these. By tribal affiliation, Meru group were rated at 54 percent.

The ministries of health and culture discourage this practice and encourage the adoption of alternative rites of passage to womanhood for young girls. CIFORD KENYA is actively trying to eliminate this practice through education, awareness campaigns, legislative lobbying and advocacy for alternative rites of passage to adulthood for young girls.


On 20th August 2017, 36 girls reported at CIFORD KENYA-Centre, Lailuba for one-week seminar for girls alternative rites of passage. The girls were not allowed to either to go outside or to receive any visitor which is symbolic of being in seclusion when they are circumcised. The girls were trained on several topics such as;

  • Reproductive health.
  • Early/teenage pregnancy.
  • STIs/HIV and AIDs.
  • Life skills and self-realization.
  • Female circumcision rites
  • Meru culture
  • Alternatives rites of passage.

Drugs and substance abuse


On Friday 25th parents (community members, staff, and girls) conducted a roadshow along the Muriri-Isiolo road showing confidence and rebuking FGM practice through songs and dances.


The girls’ graduation on Friday, in attendance, were the parents, friends, and sponsors (women who are identified by parents to coach and advice the girls) of the girls. There were dances, songs, and dramas as girls created and promoted awareness on FGM, there were speeches from the girls,  Child.org representative Brenda Guerrero and encouragement to the girls and CIFORD KENYA staffs especially the director Madam Margaret Ikiara by the parents.


  • The leaders and parents are supporting the programmes
  • Girls and parents requested for more seminars of this kind.
  • Girls who attended the earlier seminar organized by CIFORD attended the graduation ceremony which is clear indication that they appreciate the work.


  • During the seminar, there was much outcry to save the boy child from alcohol and drug abuse.

Sneak peek

on the event

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  1. Anna

    Inspirational organisation! Reaching women and girls to empower them when tradition and lack of education can leave them ill-informed.
    Keep up the awesome work!


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