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Community Initiatives for Rural Development (CIFORD Kenya) is a community based organization working in Meru North District of Eastern Province, Kenya. The organization was formed in July 2002 and registered with the Ministry of Sports, Gender and Social Services. The community-based organization was formed to tackle socio-economic problems facing the residents of Meru North District and more so the issues affecting women and children. The organizations main focus is in areas of community capacity building, sustainable agriculture, and community health with emphasis on formation of new, safe, empowering coming-of-age rituals which place strong emphasis on girls staying in school rather than early marriage.

Our Activities

Sustainable Agriculture

we encourage the farmers to use the locally available resources for food production. These skills trained are economically viable, environmentally friendly, and culturally acceptable and socially just for sustainable development.

Community capacity building

This is aimed at enabling the community realize their full potential and be able to voice and deal with issues which are anti- developmental in the society.

Community Health

The community health is aimed at training the women and their families the basic hygiene and nutrition, Sexual reproductive health and rights for youth in school and out of school

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water conservation

Transforming Lives through Access to Clean Water: Joyce’s Story in Lailuba, Kenya

Joyce, a resident of Lailuba, Kenya, has been struggling to access clean water due to unreliable rainfall in the area. However, her life and that of her community were transformed when she received a water tank. With a constant supply of clean water, Joyce can now engage in farming activities and grow a variety of crops throughout the year, improving her family’s nutrition and saving money. The water tank has also had a ripple effect on her community, enabling others to access clean water and engage in farming activities. Access to clean water has transformed the lives of people in semi-arid regions, and Joyce’s story is a testament to this.

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